Benefits of Aromatherapy

Top 3 Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy

After a stressful week, it’s important for everyone to treat themselves, considering that you must work again after your day-offs.

We know it’s not easy to spend money on things just to let you feel better for a couple of days, but the thing is, there are some options that you can go with that can make you feel better for a long time.

One of those options includes aromatherapy, which can have a lot of benefits for you if done for a prolonged period of time.

But what are the benefits?

Below, massage services in Calgary NE will be listing down some of the many benefits that aromatherapy has to offer for you.


Benefits of Aromatherapy

 Top 3 Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy

  1. Reduce stress

One of the main reasons why people love to get aromatherapy is because of the fact that it is known to help in reducing stress.

Stress is part of life and it affects almost every single person in this world. But if you do some things for yourself, you can get rid of them.

With aromatherapy, essential oils can help you out. If you want to reduce stress levels, you can go with lavender oil, which is scientifically proven to reduce stress, considering that it calms down the nervous system, lowers down blood pressure, normalizes the heart rate and it helps you become relaxed.

 2. Reduces physical pain

It also reduces physical pain!

A report that was published in the Research and Treatment says that aromatherapy has a greater positive impact when it comes to placebos and control treatments.

Not only that, but it also does a lot when it comes to gynaecological, postoperative and obstetrical pain.

 3. Improves sleep

If you want to improve your sleep, you can also get aromatherapy, considering that essential oils are known for their natural sedative properties.

Lavender oil is scientifically proven to promote restful sleep. In a study that was published in the Nursing in Critical Care, lavender oil improved the quality of sleep in patients in the coronary intensive care unit. Patients in the study who inhaled lavender oil for 15 days showed significant improvements in their sleep quality compared to the control group that did not receive therapy.

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