A toner is a skin care product that you apply to the face after you cleanse and before you moisturize. Toners can also be classified as fresheners and astringents. Toners are supposed to restore the pH balance of the skin and remove any makeup that was not fully removed or any soap residue. Toners leave skin feeling very refreshed and clean. There are also toners that claim to help fight the aging process and to help prevent and clear blemishes.

Choosing a Toner

If you decide to use toner, it is important to know just what product is right for you. One of the best things that you can do to find a toner is to experiment with many different brands and formulas to find the toner that is ideal for you. Ask yourself questions like: Does the toner make my skin feel too oily or too dry? Does my skin feel clean and refreshed after I use it? Does it make my skin feel too tight? If your answers were good to all of these questions, then chances are that you have found a good toner for you.

Applying toner

Not knowing when to apply their toner is one of the most commonly made mistakes. There is just the right time to apply the toner in the skin care process that many people aren’t aware of. You’ll want to cleanse the skin thoroughly and try to get rid of all traces of makeup. Pat face with a towel until skin is completely dry. Then apply a thin layer of toner with a cotton ball or sponge all over the face. Don’t pat dry, let the toner dry naturally. After the toner is completely dry, apply moisturizer. You should only use toner once a month, either in the morning or at night. If you use it more than once a day, it will leave the skin too dry.

Toner Tips

  • Don’t use toner more than once a day, especially if you have dry skin.
  • If you have dry skin, try using toner only every other day.
  • Find a toner that has very natural ingredients, some toners can have a high amount of chemicals in them.
  • Always apply moisturizer after you use toner, otherwise, your skin will get very dry and feel tight.
  • Toner is supposed to make your skin feel refreshed, if it burns or gets becomes red, you are using the wrong toner.
  • Toner is supposed to make your skin feel clean, if your skin feels oily or has residue after use, try to find a new toner.
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