Screw It™ Curl Hydrating Jelly Oil


Got thirsty curls? Screw It™ is a leave-in, transformative jelly to oil serum that helps to add intense moisture and shine to curls! Formulated with Babassu and Brazil Nut Oils, this potent formula helps to fight frizz and nourish waves and curls.. You can use it on its own or cocktail with your favorite curl styler for an extra dose of moisture and shine.


1.67 FL. OZ. / 100ml

  • Provides intense moisturising and conditioning for curls
  • Contains Babassu and Brazil Nut Oils which are known for their nourishing and frizz fighting benefits
  • Detangling Boosters helps to procide slip and reduce friction between hair fibres keeping hair smooth and tangle free
  • Gives a super dose of shine
  • Frizz Fighting Complex helps to reduce frizz and tame flyaways

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