Kenworthy Salon

Kenworthy Salon

Kenworthy Salon

If discreet and stylish appeals to you, and you want the hottest stylist in town, KENWORTHY SALON is the place to be.
This private Beverly Hills location caters to A-listers who choose to approach beauty and self-image with Deane Kenworthy’s famous guidance. His stylists also come from locally and internationally famous spas. They combine the greatest solutions and provide creative techniques to change your appearance.

The harmonious Zen-like environment of KENWORTHY contributes to an uncomplicated intimate beauty experience. The salon blends cutting-edge technology with a welcoming atmosphere. The salon is a modern, streamlined space with a mix of mahogany and blonde woods, frosted and clear glass, and chrome accents. The space is illuminated by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall.

Kenworthy Salon

About the Owner

Deane Kenworthy travelled the globe to get where he is today: keeping Beverly Hills and an international clientele beautiful in bold cuts and his signature colouring technique. He maintains strong relationships in both fashion and entertainment, style runway shows during New York Fashion Week, and appears on makeover segments. This sought-after celebrity stylist still travels the world to care for the locks of devoted followers. Deane gives the image they desire when it comes to serious style.

The Services

Creativity and customer service are the core of our business and contribute to the ultimate outcome: successful, long-term customer relationships. Our repeat client is a testament to our abilities and outcomes.

We’ve got it all covered: an emergency haircut at 9 AM, six bridesmaids’ up-dos and manicures by noon, and a businesswoman arriving at 7 PM from Singapore in need of shampoo and blow-dry before her late dinner meeting. KENWORTHY demonstrates nothing less than cutting-edge creativity.

Trust the ingenious Kenworthy and his staff for the ultimate in full-spectrum services and solutions.

The Products

KENWORTHY carries only top-of-the-line, professional hair care products, including lines from L’Oreal Series Expert, Pureology, KMS, Redken, Barex, and Goldwell.
Our styling tools include Ionic dryers and brushes, Parlux and Elchim blow dryers, brushes, and flat and curling irons.
KENWORTHY is also an authorized dealer of the Hairmax Laser Comb, an exciting breakthrough in the treatment of hair loss.

To learn more about Deane Kenworthy and his salon, visit, where the information was obtained.

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