Hair Styling

hair styling

Hair Styling

Even if you have great hair length, texture, body, and cut, your hair can still look incomplete unless you have taken the proper styling procedures. Knowing how to style your hair and what looks best on your hair type is critical.

Your hairstyle is central to the overall image that you exude. If you have a messy hairstyle, people automatically make unfair assumptions about you. To make sure that you exude the best image possible, try these tips below:

Hair Styling Tips

  1. Try not to use a lot of hair styling products. Using a minimal amount of hair products will leave your hair looking and feeling soft and natural. Using too many hair styling products can make your hair look greasy, crunchy, and very unflattering. When it comes to hair styling products, less is definitely more.
  2. Try to update your hairstyle often. Changing your style will not only keep you looking young and fresh but it will make you feel confident as well. Look in fashion magazines and ask your hairstylist what is new. Experiment and see what hairstyle looks best on you.
  3. Try not to use too many hair accessories. Aside from hair bands and bobby pins, hair accessories should be kept to a minimum. Things like headbands and hair scarves detract from the natural beauty of the hair. In addition, bows and barrettes are always a big no-no.
  4. Experiment! Don’t think just because you have a hairstyle that you are comfortable with that you should stop experimenting. Don’t miss out on great and flattering hairstyles just because you are stuck in your ways.
  5. Try to blow dry and flat iron your hair sparingly. Not only does it completely damage your hair, but it can also give your hair an unnatural look. Embrace your natural hair texture and find out what styles look best with that texture. Your hair will be healthier and it will save you lots of styling time!
  6. Wear your hair in a ponytail once a week at most. Ponytails aren’t the best hairstyle for anyone and they can end up becoming a not-so-pretty habit.
  7. If you color your hair, make sure to get touch-ups frequently. There is nothing tackier than grown-out roots.
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