Eye shadow

Eye shadow

Eye shadow

The whole point of eye shadow is to draw attention to the eyes and to give the eyes more definition. However, not all eye shadows make the eyes look defined and beautiful.

Only when eye shadow is applied correctly, in the right shade, can you get a stunning effect?

When choosing an eye shadow, the most important thing to do is to choose colors that complement each other. If you are fair-skinned, then you will not want to go over the top with dark shades. You will want to stick to colors with soft undertones such as pink, light purple, light brown, and soft white. If you are dark-skinned, you will not want to pick too light of a shade. You will want to stick to shades with dark undertones such as dark brown, deep pink, or deep purple. No matter what skin color you are, you never want to wear too dark or wild of a shade. It just looks unnatural and makes you look as if you are trying too hard. 

To really define the eyes and get them noticed, try to use more than one color. Start by putting a light or sheer color over the entire eyelid, then pick a darker shade and apply it under the eye bone and blend upwards. When women get into their adult years, it is fun to experiment with shadowing, contouring, and highlighting their eyes and using different techniques with eye shadows. If mastered, it can make the eyes look very beautiful and sophisticated.

However, girls in their teens should skip shadowing altogether. It will end up looking unnatural and overdone when the point is to make the eyes look young and fresh.

There are many different types of eye shadows on the market today.

From creams to roll-ons to powders, there is something to suit everyone. The thing to remember is to experiment with many different types and shades of eye shadow and to ultimately pick one that highlights your own natural beauty the best. The point is to look fresh and natural and to draw attention to the eyes.

Eye Shadow Tips

  1. Put powder on the eyelid before putting on the eye shadow. It will make the color last longer and will keep it from creasing.
  2. You can not go wrong with a pretty shade of pink, no matter what your skin tone.
  3. To make the eyes pop, apply some sheer eye shadow underneath your eyes. It will give the illusion of very bright, alert eyes.
  4. Always correspond to the eye shadow you are wearing to compliment the other makeup colors you are wearing, such as lipstick and blush.
  5. When all else goes fails, try white eye shadow. It will make you feel and look vivacious.
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