Skin exfoliation is an important skin procedure for anyone who wants healthy, flake-free skin. Day after day of putting on makeup and washing your face, skin tends to become very dull, dry, and flakey. Exfoliation is the perfect way to rejuvenate the skin and allow healthy skin to grow.

What Is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a skincare process that allows the removal of dead skin to allow new, healthy skin to grow. Everyone could use regular exfoliation, but no one will benefit more from it than people with dry skin. Because dead skin cells accumulate quickly if you do not exfoliate then you can be left with a very dry and dull complexion. Even if you think you have completely healthy skin, everyone can benefit from exfoliation.

How to Exfoliate?

You will want and make sure that you pick an exfoliating formula that is not too harsh, especially if you have sensitive skin or if it is your first time exfoliating. You will want to check the ingredients to make sure that it doesn’t have too many chemicals in them, which can irritate the skin. For exfoliation, you will want to use a very natural approach. To exfoliate, dab a little bit of the cream on your fingertips. Apply a light film all over the face, paying particular attention to dry or rough spots. Move your fingers in a little, so that you can feel the beads against your skin. Don’t do it too rough, or you will irritate the skin. After a couple of minutes, completely rinse the skin with warm water. Make sure that there isn’t any residue left. Pat dry with a towel. Exfoliate once or twice a week, anything more can irritate the skin and cause breakouts.

Exfoliation Tips

  • Move your fingers in little circles while exfoliating, if you use big circles you may not be properly exfoliating some parts of the skin.
  • When you first start to exfoliate, only do it once a week. This will allow time for your skin to get used to it and for you to see if you will have any reactions to it.
  • Pick an exfoliating cream that is natural as possible. Especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Remember to experiment with many different exfoliators before settling on one. Some exfoliators might work better on your skin than others.
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