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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

A lot of people are looking into laser hair removal procedures these days in order to feel more comfortable in this world.

To answer your question right away, laser hair removal works. The results are long-lasting but the hair may regrow. This happens when the follicle is damaged and is not completely destroyed during the laser hair removal procedure.

This is why doctors now call laser hair removal a long-term hair removal solution instead of a permanent solution.

How does this procedure work?

When the hair follicle is destroyed, the laser hair removal procedure becomes a permanent solution. But if the follicle is damaged, this procedure becomes a long-term solution.

Laser hair removal uses light to target the pigment that could be seen in individual hairs. The light travels down the shaft of the hair and straight into the follicle of the hair.

The heat from the laser light destroys the follicle of the hair, which means hair could no longer grow, making it a permanent solution.

How long does it take?

For most people that want to get this treatment, laser hair removal clinic Calgary requires several sessions. This procedure usually takes 2 to 3 months in total.

How long do they last?

Laser hair removal is permanent and when the hair follicle is destroyed, but when the follicle remains damaged, the hair will grow after some time.

To know if the results of the treatment are permanent or temporary, you need to take some time to observe. The amount of time that it takes for the hair to regrow depends on the unique hair growth cycle of the person.

Laser Hair Removal Clinic Calgary

Risks and side effects

As you are getting the treatment, you might feel burning, stinging, or discomfort from the laser that is aimed at your skin. But this only happens in very rare instances. Some doctors that carry out the procedure apply a numbing cream to the area that is being targeted.

Some people can get an allergic reaction in response to the numbing cream.

Here are some things that you may experience after the treatment:

  1. Change in skin color
  2. Temporary discoloration in dark-skinned people
  3. Redness in the skin
  4. Crusting of the skin
  5. Blistering of the skin

What to do after the treatment

After laser hair removal clinic Calgary, a person should try to avoid sun exposure. The sunlight and UV rays could end up irritating your skin. This could increase the risk of scarring and blistering.

People that experience pain, fever, blisters, skin infection, or skin damage should seek medical attention right away.

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