Blush tends to get a bad rap as being old-fashioned, but when you find the perfect shade and learn how to apply it, blush can give your complexion a lovely rosy hue. In fact, blush is often referred to as “the instant prettier” because it can instantly help brighten up a dull complexion or give light to a tired-looking face. So don’t be afraid to experiment with blush!

With a little practice, you can find the perfect shade and application method to give you a beautiful and feminine look.

Choosing a Blush

Choosing the right shade of blush is critical to how it will look on the skin. Many times women choose blushes that are too light or too dark. For women that have very light skin, pick a very shimmery peach or light pink. Anything more than this will make you look like a clown. For medium skin tones, try warm peaches or warm pinks. If you have a very dark skin complexion, stay away from light blushes. To best compliment your natural beauty, try deep browns or deep pinks.

Applying Blush

One of the main mistakes women will make when applying blush is that they apply way too much. You will want to start by dipping a makeup brush into the blush and then tapping off the excess powder, this will prevent getting too much blush on the face. Start at the apples of the cheeks and apply upwards in long strokes. Apply only a few strokes. Try to restrain from using short strokes, this will make the blush appear uneven.

Blush Tips

  • Apply all your makeup before applying blush. Blush should be the very last step.
  • Apply bronzer instead of blush for a more sun-kissed appearance. You’ll appear to have just returned from a week in the Caribbean.
  • Never use more blush than you believe you need. The blush always seems darker when you exit the building into the daylight.
  • Don’t cake on the blush or you’ll feel like a clown because blush is designed to help you look more bright naturally

Remember that the main goal of blush is to give you a natural flush, so do not go overboard!

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